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Vetri, Amis, Osteria, Alla Spina among Philly Mag’s Best Restaurants

Vetri, Amis, Osteria, Alla Spina among Philly Mag's Best Restaurants

Philadelphia Magazine has revealed its annual list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia for 2015, and the Vetri Family is well-represented: Vetri (#8), Amis (#18), Osteria (#24), and Alla Spina (#36) all made the list:

"Dinner at Vetri is a performance, with each element of the dining experience executed in perfect harmony. Before a menu is delivered, a plate of snacks is brought, designed just to impress. And the menus themselves are merely suggestions. Pick what you definitely want, or would like to pass on, then sit back and enjoy the work of a restaurant that truly excels. The pastas stun, the mains are as creative as anything being turned out in the city right now, and the service is beyond reproach.

Amis has always been a solid restaurant—more casual than Vetri, but with a staff that was just as precise and an Italian menu that felt at once less traditional and more restrained. But what truly elevates the experience here are all the things Amis does that Vetri doesn’t, from simple, comforting tastes like a piece of perfect buffalo mozzarella with black pepper to complicated, epic departures like the Beast of Amis menu—an ever-changing menagerie of whole animals utilized in the nose-to-tail style, always offering something surprising and new.

The original outpost of Marc Vetri and Jeff Michaud’s beloved Italian restaurant gets major points for still turning out food executed at least as well as it was almost eight years ago, when [Osteria] first opened. You simply will not find better service or an Italian menu more appealing and accessible on every level anywhere else in the city.

Yes, Alla Spina is a Marc Vetri restaurant, but it’s very much a bar and works best when diners treat it as such. Ignore all expectations and order the pretzel bites, chicken wings, and a pork Milanese hoagie or mortadella hot dog. Cheer on your favorite Series-A Italian soccer squad and enjoy an Italian or American craft beer. It really is just as simple as that."

You can find the full rankings here.